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We know how frustrating finding the perfect place can be. At Ikos, we uncomplicate the task of locating and touring the home that’s best for you.

Interested in a rental? We’ll connect you with one of our Insiders – local experts who take pride in giving you a great rental experience. Not only will we show you a property, we’ll give you our insights on the neighborhood, location, and personal fit of each rental.

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We’re committed to helping you find a place that works for you and your budget. Since we work with dozens of landlords and companies, we’ll sift through all our listings to find the one that fits you best. No more endless scrolling on Craigslist.

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Learn about the neighborhood from the people that live there

You should get genuine insights on your potential new home from the very first visit. That’s why we have Ikos Insiders meet you at the property to show you around their very own neighborhoods while answering all your questions about the listing and the location.

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We want to give you a better rental experience. We work on your schedule, setting up showings and follow ups when they best work for you. Our responsive and tech-savvy team promises to give you the best experience in a frictionless process. And it’s always completely free for renters to work with us.

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